Basildon Town Centre

Public Realm Masterplan
Creating a new vibrant destination for Basildon Town Centre via a public realm masterplan strategy of phased improvements.

A New Town established in the 1960s, the centre of Basildon has laid mostly untouched since its construction. Our proposal for BTCM (Basildon Town Centre Management) was to create a series of vibrant new destination and retail spaces extending from the transport nodes of the train and bus stations through to East Square which will become the focus for community events.

The landscape and public realm proposals for the square will offer much needed seating, resting, meeting and play opportunities as well as providing an arena and event space for activities such as an outdoor cinema, ice rink and performances. Extending through the town centre and unifying the different spaces, the proposed ‘Basildon Boxes’ will see a range of innovative marketstall furniture elements installed which vary in size and function but are consistent in materiality and appearance.


Basildon Town Centre


BTCM (Basildon Town Centre Management)


0.5 Hectares


Landscape Masterplanning, Concept Design, Planning Approval