Baku City Parklands

Bringing nature into the city
Sustainable, ecological, and fun - a park for the people, the city and the environment.

The landscape parklands will seek to create a new amenity offer for the residents and visitors of Baku, a naturalistic setting in which to meet, play and relax whilst providing a place of delight, discovery and unfolding mystery from Spring to Summer and from Autumn to Winter, ensuring visitors throughout the calendar year.

Throughout the site, wildflower meadows, observation points, informal parkland lawns, orchards, groves, glades, bridges, elevated walkways, lawn amphitheatres, streams, swales, lakes, ponds and ‘natural beach’ pools will enrich the experience as the user sits, walks, cycles or jogs throughout the natural parkland setting.

Supporting facilities such as restaurants, tea pavilions, changing / ablution, kiosks and parking facilities sited in key locations will create a fully functional park.

The opportunity of using sculptural land mounding, echoing the historic soil tax of Baku Boulevard, will afford a unique naturalistic setting for the waterfront allowing rolling hills, valleys and pathways to create a network of intrigue, unfolding views and natural wonder to this former shipping dockyard.

Baku City Parklands - A Park for the People, the City, and the Environment.

Baku Parklands, Azerbaijan


Pasha Inshaat


20 Hectares


Concept Design, Landscape Masterplanning

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