The Goodwood Hotel

Modern Country Life
Goodwood is synonymous with the best of British style, fun and full of life. These brand principles guided the proposals at The Goodwood Hotel.

The Goodwood Estate wished to review the setting of the existing Goodwood hotel within the 12,500 acre estate, to improve the operational and servicing requirements of the hotel and improve the visitor experience to better connect with the history, spirit and character of ‘Glorious Goodwood’ and the wider estate.

An initial feasibility was undertaken to understand the future opportunities of the site, which informed a series of concept studies. Key aims and objectives included:
• Respect the heritage setting and history of Goodwood Estate.
• Define an arrival sequence in keeping with the Goodwood Experience.
• Complement the spatial planning of the hotel.
• Create varying scales of space with new gardens, terraces, courts and vistas.
• Develop a refined character through careful plant composition and high-quality materials.
Proposals included an improved landscape setting in keeping with the estate historical character by creating a new vista to Goodwood House framed by blocks of new woodland, remodelling the golf course to allow the historic walled kitchen gardens to be re-introduced, which historically provided flowers for Goodwood House.
The new restaurant ‘Farmer, Butcher, Chef’ will create a new focus on the organic credentials of the working farm and plans to introduce a new farm shop with cafe gardens will further revitalise the site and improve the visitor experience.

The Goodwood Hotel, West Sussex


Goodwood Estate


0.4 Hectares


Feasibility Stage to Concept Design


Architect: ReardonSmith Architects

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The Goodwood Hotel