Palliser Road

High quality homes for local people
A development of 36 new homes for affordable rent.

The existing building was originally designed to provide living accommodation for single, low-income working women in London. The scheme was financed by Ada Lewis, the wife of a wealthy philanthropist who set up the Samuel Lewis Housing Trust. This has since been renamed Southern Housing Group.

The proposed development includes nine street accessible maisonettes and 27 flats with all homes with private outdoor space and access to a shared communal courtyard.


The landscape proposals intend to provide both communal and private amenity space for residents, whilst also providing a pleasant outlook from the surrounding streets. The development proposals will require the removal of existing trees to the street frontage, with new tree planting within the development boundary at street level located along Palliser Road and Cormagh Road and within the inner garden courtyard.
At street level, new trees with groundcover, shrub and herbaceous planting will be proposed to create a verdant outlook along the property boundary with lower terraces adjacent to the street offering the opportunity for shade tolerant planting.
Inside the building envelope at the lower ground level, a central communal garden leading to a series of private terraces is proposed. Shade tolerant planting is proposed to create a series of biodiverse gardens beds, interspersed with informal paths, seats and play elements. Smaller shade tolerant ornamental trees will be selected for this area.
There is the opportunity to provide a planting bed for edibles and herbs, and permeable paving solutions will be investigated for the intermediate paved pathways. An opportunity also exists to provide art element within the gardens to reference Ada Lewis’ philanthropy and her campaign to provide housing for single low-wages working women.

Palliser Road, 


Southern Housing Group


0.1 Hectares


Concept to Developed Design, Planning Approved.


Child Graddon Lewis Architects

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Southern Housing Group / Child Graddon Lewis Architects